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Get to know us

Founded in 2012, iSkate Singapore provides inline skating classes for kids & adults island wide.
We aim to foster family bonding through inline skating, where parents can get to bond with their children through a fun and valuable class.

Our head coach have more than 10 years of inline skating coaching and have successfully lead  a team of passionate and patient trainers ready to teach and guide students to achieve their goals in inline skating.

Our trainers have at least 1 year of teaching experience in coaching and are patient to guide students through a step by step progressive teaching method.

Coach Wayn

Head Coach/ Certified inline skating coach 

Wayn started skating at a young age of in his primary school days. Where those days owning a pair of skates is an luxy items to have. The skates that he started learning with was lend by one of his schoolmate. 

He enjoys skating around the neighbourhood and in parks and move to develop his passion into learning how to teach skating during his teenage days. 

How the school logo came about is the memories of Wayn whom bought his first skates with his hard-earned money from part time coaching.

Into 2021, when the pandemic struck (covid 19), we have successfully curated a digital programme via zoom. Although not as effective as in-class programme, this helps Iskate to stay digital and pull through the tough times.

Mr Wayn and his teams will ensure the school will continue to preserve, develop and contribute new ideas to our students.

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